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Daniel Stone

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Texas, USA

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Daniel Stone

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dailystruggle on freenode.net

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April 4, 2007


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New User Experience Team


Ubuntu Dallas




Meeting University of Texas Area 12-5-2009
Arlington, Texas
1:00 pm till 5:00 pm
208 S Mesquite St
Arlington, TX 76010
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http://dailystruggles.org/projects/1nuet/meeting1.ogg (nux discussion)
http://dailystruggles.org/projects/1nuet/meeting2.ogg (TexasTeam discussion)

link to meeting details

Contributions to Ubuntu

I am an advocate of Ubuntu for several years. I currently have a linux users group where we discuss changes and issues. I endorse and promote Ubuntu by offering it as an option on machine builds and OS repairs. I help by answering questions on Lauchpad and reporting bugs. I create videos tutorials to help other users and promote the use of Ubuntu. I give away computers with Ubuntu installed.

Hello my name is Daniel Stone. I am currently employed as a heavy equipment operator and also manage several blogs and websites and promote Ubuntu through modern mediums.


I have been building computers since Apple 2 was the biggest and best machine on the market. I have done server array setup for factories mainly working with rockwell and allen bradley systems. Have worked and programmed Toyota Robotics and trained and retrained various machine sets for production environments. I have worked in and setup/build almost every Windows OS (for some reason I have only seen ME never worked on it).

I started using Linux after I lost a piece of paper that came with a disk that I paid dearly for. I soon learned of Ubuntu and since 7.04 every computer I build has Ubuntu on it.


I work with various sites to improve their sites to work better with android operting system and mobile device browsers. I am also building applications or widgets for same devices.

I try to piece together from parts old computers that shops generally scrap and load Ubuntu fine tune it and give it away to an individual or family that needs it. I have even printed the online users guide to go with it. It is always a rewarding experience to see someone learn something new.

I create tutorials and videos that I load on common sites to help other users. I give quick guides on how to do some functions in Ubuntu and Linux.

I did beta testing of Ubuntu 9.10 and filed bug reports to help the developers get it out correctly before release date. I have also promoted Ubuntu because the ""For the Community"" term is why I chose Ubuntu and why I believe that it should be shared.


New User Experience Project -(nux)- is a project that I have formed. It is intended to help new users by giving them a quick video guide that they can follow to help discover the ubuntu software.

It is also intended to assist developers by pointing to common snags a user may have. Currently documents are being converted as areas of difficulty are being discovered. The primary focus is a user with little or no linux experience.


To learn more of buntu builds and help other users in their experience by giving guidance when I can.
To learn more of the mobile technologies and installation techniques.
To promote Ubuntu by modern media, websites and mainly word of mouth.
To continue to build computers only running Ubuntu.

Future Plans

Mobile and Portable technologies and incorporation of ideas to help with prosthetics and assistive technologies. Study of pattern management.
To create a quick load profile management package to make a user profile import software in any linux environment.

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