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Continuous Integration

Launchpad CI tries to make software development and collaboration easier.

Use Launchpad CI to catch bugs before they go into main/master, enforce coding standards by running linters, or make sure your project's documentation is still building - or all three of them.

How does this work?

  1. create a .launchpad.yaml with your desired configuration

  2. add it to your repository

  3. git push to Launchpad

Launchpad will build/test/lint/etc. your project.

After the run Launchpad will report the status of the build in the UI via a green checkmark or a red cross.

In case of an error you will additionally receive an email.


You can find the syntax for the configuration file at

Feature Requests / Known Issues

Please note that Launchpad CI still has some rough edges.

You can have a look the currently known issues. Please let us know when you miss a feature or encounter a bug.


Employees of Canonical can get support at the Launchpad channel on Mattermost. External users can use the usual channels.

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