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First step would be to install bzr.

Open up a terminal and type:

sudo aptitude install bzr

Now we should make sure bzr knows who we are:

bzr whoami "Your Name <your@email>"

bzr launchpad-login USERNAME

To interact with launchpad in any way, you must have an account and a SSH key registered, so make sure you have both.

Next you would need to register a product.

Once you have all of those steps covered, you have to create a repository of what you want to upload, so go to the directory where all the files are:

cd project_dir

and then create the initial local repository:

bzr init

bzr add (this adds all the files in the directory, see bazaar documentation to exclude files or directories)

bzr commit -m "first commit"

Your local bzr repository is now ready to be sent to launchpad.

You would do this with:

bzr push lp:~launchpad_user_or_team/project_name/branch

Your project is now hosted on Launchpad. Keep in mind it might take a few minutes after the push is done succesfully for everything to work correctly.

Any user who wants to work on the project has two different approaches:

Checkouts: Usually recommended for quick changes, it commits straight into Launchpad

bzr checkout lp:~launchpad_user_or_team/project_name/branch

Branches: For bigger changes, it commits locally and you push the changes to Launchpad when ready

bzr branch lp:~launchpad_user_or_team/project_name/branch

Whenever making changes to the files, both approaches need a:

bzr commit -m "a comment on what has been changed"

But when using branches, you also need send your changes:

bzr push lp:~launchpad_user_or_team/project_name/branch

More information on bzr:

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