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What is bug expiry?

Today, projects and distributions have the option of allowing old, unattended bugs that have the "Incomplete" status to expire. By setting this option, a program called the Launchpad Janitor will periodically run and expire qualifying bugs (see the "Old, unattended and incomplete?" topic below for details). This option can be set on the "change details" page of your project or distribution (e.g. "https://launchpad.net/<yourproject>/+edit").

In a future Launchpad release, projects and distributions will have the option of manually expiring old, unattended bugs that have the "Incomplete" status.

There are two ways to see which bugs would be expired:

Using these, you'll be able to see which bugs would be expiry candidates if the feature were active.

Old, unattended and incomplete?

Launchpad will mark bugs as candidates for expiry if it appears that they have been abandoned. To determine if a bug has been abandoned, Launchpad uses the following conditions:

Only projects and distributions that use Launchpad as their bug tracker and that have not disabled bug expiry are part of the bug expiration process.

Bugs watched in external trackers are never candidates for expiry.

Bugs that affect several projects

Bugs tracked in Launchpad can affect several communities (projects or distributions) and each community has its own status for that bug.

Launchpad will consider these bugs for expiry only in those instances where the project or distribution has not disabled bug expiry. However, the bug will be removed entirely from the bug expiry process as soon as one of those communities marks it as confirmed.

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