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One of the great things about Launchpad is that it helps you keep track of all the code associated with a particular project. Even better, it makes it easy to branch someone else's code and then list your line of development right alongside others from the same project.

Let's say you want to add support for a spell checker in the PyRoom text editor. You create a branch of PyRoom's trunk branch, add your code and then upload your new branch to Launchpad.

You're happy with your work and think it should be part of PyRoom's main release. You can tell the PyRoom guys about this directly in Launchpad by registering a merge proposal.

Registering a merge proposal


Registering a merge proposal

Step 1: Visit the overview page of your branch that you want to merge with someone else's branch.

Step 2: Click Propose for merging into another branch below the branch information.

Step 3: Enter the name of the target branch, or click Choose to search. The development focus branch should be selected by default.

Step 4: Optionally, give more information about your merge proposal with an Initial Comment.

Step 5: Click Propose Merge to complete.

Handling branches proposed for merger with yours

If you find that someone has registered a merge proposal against a branch you own, you can also accept or reject the proposal in Launchpad.

On your branch's overview page, you'll see all merge proposals listed in the Branches proposed to be merged into this one section.


Branches proposed for merging

Click view proposal details for the merger proposal you want to review. You'll see a summary of the revisions that in the proposed branch that would be merged into your branch.

Click Accept or Reject once you've reviewed the proposed branch.

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