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What is Blueprint? Blueprint is the part of Launchpad that is concerned with tracking the development of new features in your software. It's where you can map out your roadmap, and prioritise the cool things you want to put into your next set of releases. It lets you build a community view of what's important, but it also lets individual contributors publish their own ideas and plans.

Blueprint tracks the metadata of "specifications". Each specification is a chunk of work, or a feature. It describes the work to be done, in whatever level of detail you think is appropriate. Each project has its own rules and preferred structure for these specifications, but the metadata is generally the same across all projects. So in general, these specifications are just simple wiki pages on a site that is relevant to the project (like the Ubuntu wiki, or the OpenOffice wiki). The specification might go into great detail about user interface changes, or code changes, or data model changes. Launchpad isn't concerned with that - it's concerned with whether the project thinks that feature is important, and who is supposed to be doing the work.

The metadata that Launchpad tracks covers the following areas:

There's more in the pipeline too. Blueprint is a full-featured tracker that is heavily used by the Ubuntu team to manage complex releases twice a year. Without it, we wouldn't know where we stand from day to day. But it's not perfect, and so we're still looking for ideas and suggestions as to how we can make it better! Join us on #launchpad to talk further.

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