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Launchpad Badge Kit

If you or your project uses Launchpad, display one of these badges to let people know!

Trademark and usage policy: Launchpad™ is a trademark of Canonical Ltd. You are encouraged to use these images to refer to your use of the services. Canonical may revoke your permission to use these images if you make modifications to the images or use them incorrectly (e.g., on a project that does not use

120px wide

160px wide

200px wide

250px wide

How to Display a Badge

Insert HTML like the following into the page where you want to display the badge, replacing FILL_ME_IN with either a project name or a Launchpad username (if a username, remember to include the ~, for example ~joey as used here). The default width of 160px is good for most contexts, but you can choose another pixel width from the list above or make a custom image from the scalable SVG file if necessary.

   <a href="" style="border: none;" 
   ><img src=""
         alt="Launchpad logo" style="border: none;"/></a>