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Launchpad Answer Tracker Documentation


One key to making a free software project thrive is building a community of dedicated users. An important aspect of this is making it easy for users to get help in learning to use and master the product.

The Launchpad Answer Tracker offers tools to effectively build a support community around your project. It makes it easy for users to find help by asking questions that can be answered by other users in the community.

Key Features

Launchpad Integration: The Answer Tracker is available for all hosted projects. You can also use the existing Team infrastructure to organize the support community.

Guided Filing: When a user asks a new question, a search is done through the existing questions to try to find similar ones. This helps users get answers faster and reduces the number of similar questions in the tracker.

Multi-lingual Support: Users can ask questions in their native languages. People answering questions can choose which languages they want to support. This feature makes it easy to build native-language support community. Support as many languages as your users speak!

Detailed Workflow: The status of questions is tracked automatically based on the actions people take on it. This makes it easy to track which questions still need an answer and which need input from the user.

Searchable Reports: Various reports are offered making it easy to find the questions you are interested in. The Open report is perfect for users looking for a question still needing an answer. The Answered report is great for users trying to find a solution to their problem. There is also a Need Attention report which shows all the questions that need your input. All these reports are searchable.

Answer Contacts: Dedicated users can register as answer contacts to receive email notifications on all questions. These people are the backbone of your user support community.

Email Integration: The answer tracker is very well integrated with email. Users posting a question receive replies on it by email. Any users can also subscribe to questions to receive notifications when new messages are added to the question. It is even possible to post replies to existing questions by email.

Bug Links: Questions can be linked to bug reports. This makes it easy to build a two-layer bug reporting process where more knowledgeable users can identify and file bugs from questions.

Documentation for the Answer Tracker

Here are some documents that describe how to make the most of the Answer Tracker feature in Launchpad:


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